Mindfulness, Toltec Wisdom and Energy Management

The program Spirituality in Leadership & Coaching  addresses a request from the leadership community. It encompasses three modules of 2 days to be pursued together or separately. It is accessible to all professionals who deal with complex situations, are often under pressure and would like to confer a new dimension to their daily practice.

Choose one, two modules or the whole program:

1. Mindfulness & Flow       

The new dates for 2016 will be published soon – with Kathleen Dameron, PCC since 2007, University studies completed in France and in the US, in business and in cross-cultural.  Adjunct professor at ESSEC, specialist in integrating the art of meditation within her professional daily practice – she comes back from several weeks of meditation in India in addition to a regular  practice of  24 days a year of Mindfulness Retreats. From the Cover of Time magazine to workshops at Davos this year, Mindfulness is all the rage in these times of frenetic multi-tasking with the illusion of being efficient at all moments on our small portable screens. Mindfulness, is the invitation to take from the Tibetan Buddhist world of meditation the practices, inner states and tools to live centered, alert and focused. What does mindfulness bring to the coach? The primary benefit is to achieve the attentiveness and connectedness to the client that allows success.  Study after study from therapy to coaching has shown: the greatest predictor of success is: (1) the quality of the relationship between the coach and the coachee, (2) the quality of the relationship between the coach, the coachee and the coachee’s objective. Mindfulness brings you the openness as well as the focus; clients feel cared about as well as autonomous, free, creating their solutions.  You foster an environment of openness to that which can / will emerge at the same time as a deep focus on the objective.

Mindfulness Training Key Benefits

  1. Discover the ability to connect with and enhance your emotions so you can; manage your responses to stress and negativity, become a more effective coach, inspire more people more often.
  2. Improve your self-knowledge and relational skills. This will help to develop positive relationships with colleagues and clients.
  3. Learn to experience a mindful state, presence and flow through facilitated experiential learning that is easy to transfer to your professional life.
  4. Systematic training of the mind to increase your ability to relate to others and yourself with objectivity and understanding.
  5. Among other theorized benefits to your personal skill set are increased stress-management, productivity, improved concentration and mental clarity, emotional intelligence and wellbeing.

2. Manage & Coach with the Toltec Wisdom and H’oponopono   

27-28 November 2015 with Laurence Aubourg, civil engineer, student of Robert D. Waterman (USA) since 2005 with whom she discovered the practice and the power of forgiveness. She is the co-author of “Manage with the Toltec Agreements” (written in French).

The path to Toltec wisdom transmitted to the Western world by Miguel Ruiz, the author of the bestseller ‘The Four Agreements’, is an art of personal transformation anchored in awareness and the change of beliefs. This approach that has existed for centuries resonates in contemporary approaches such as NLP.

The Ho’oponopono, or way to liberate oneself originated in Hawaii, was widely spread through Joe Vitale’s book ‘Zero Limit’. The Ho’oponopono is based on a way to practice forgiveness that resonates quite well with contemporary approaches such as systemic. Namely, it neutralizes the effects of judgment, guilt, or limiting beliefs. The way to the Toltec wisdom and the Ho’oponopono complement each other. Their daily practice leads to a deep change, both interior and exterior, to more peace, joy, fluidity and to a wider inner space of resources.


3. Understand Quantum Physics & the laws of Attraction – The quantum logics of the relation to ourselves and of

interpersonal dynamics     


29-30 January 2016 with Hugues Hancotte, PhD in Physics, certified coach, consultant and specialist in neurosciences.

This module is given over two days with one month in between to encourage practice. During those two days you will discover how Quantum Physics influences our lives, our relationships to others, and our practice of coaching. You will see how the concepts of Quantum physics influence your coaching practice. The module is based on Emmanuel Ransfort’s keynote: ‘The quantum logics of the relation to ourselves and of interpersonal dynamics”.  We have a lot to learn from the Quantum revolution. It shows that we can rely on our hidden powers, that we can develop them. To know them better allows us to enrich our modes of action and of exchange with others, therefore being more effective.

Schedule :

9.30 to 5.30 pm or 6.00 pm, 2 coffee breaks and possibility to have the lunch at the sports club David Lloyd or in the vicinity


B19, 19 avenue Van Bever at 1180 Uccle/Brussels – nearly the sports club David Lloyd/Drève de Lorraine, nearby the chaussée de Waterloo (bus TEC, De Lijn), easy parking in front of the baisé devant le bâtiment. (plan d’accès)


For individuals without VAT registration: €1573 VAT included (€1300 +  VAT 21%) if you pursue the whole program (6 days) or €270 VAT included per day if you choose one or two modules – terms of payment on the registration slip

For free-lancers and sole proprietorship companies: €1800 € + VAT 21% if you follow the whole program (6 days) or €280 per day + VAT if you choose one or two modules – terms of payment are on the registration slip

For corporations: €2400 + VAT 21% if you follow the whole program (6 days) or €350 + VAT per day if you choose one or two modules – terms of payment are on the registration slip


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