About us

Nova Terra is a learning space without borders which stands for the diversity of cultures and approaches, today translated in International Master coaches sharing their experience in several campuses under the concept of the ‘coaching caravan’. This principle was established by the leaders of the European ICF Chapters in 2003 already. The “Coaching Caravan” involves the sharing of knowledge and the exchange of coaching practices, speakers and workshop and seminar facilitators among countries, allowing participants to discover different coaching approaches in several cultural environments.

We focus on quality


The content is constantly revised and updated to the latest coaching trends and tools.


You know in advance the name of your trainers – they are all ICF certified and specialised in their specific area.

Course Location

We pay a lot of attention to the comfort, the acoustic quality, the healthy snacks, as well as the accessibility.

Course Material

A clean, clear, very well documented and constantly updated course material in English & French

‘Learning by doing’ is the educational method implemented by Nova Terra. The classes are experiential, punctuated by numerous demonstrations by Master Coaches allowing modelling and immediate practical exercises.


30% of Theory

  • 70% of Practice 70% 70%

Our Coaching Values & Advantages

  • This is beyond a simple coach training that you are participating in: you learn a profession and receive knowledge through the transmission of experience of several Master and seasoned Coaches’ 
  • You are guided during your first hours of client practice in real life situation
  • You follow a journey which leads to an extraordinary personal development 
  • Our exams are developed in complete impartiality – the orals are evaluated by Master Coaches who don’t know you
  • We invest in the process to guarantee and ensure the highest certification success rate in comfort and respect
  • Classes are provided by Master Coaches who are pioneers in the profession, who are authors of renowned books, who come from around the world, and results in a rich diverse coaching approach
  • You attend several real coaching demos with real stories
  • The organization of the peer groups is effective as the standards are maintained and there is consistency in the process
  • You benefit from an individual coaching session to accompany your learning journey
  • Class material is very thorough and well-documented
  • We make sure the groups do not go beyond 16 participants

” Our vision is to enable all individuals to reach new grounds, internally and externally by bringing another dimension to human development through global leadership and coaching, based on humanism and diversity. “


We are human beings above all, regardless of our position.


We live our values consistently.


We listen to others without judgment and respect their views.


We learn continuously and receive feedback with gratitude.

The Secret of our Success?

Initially created in Belgium, Nova Terra is the product of international collaboration between coaches from four continents. Nova Terra’s solid foundation is built on the strength of its partners – world-class coaches, renowned both in their respective countries and within the International Coach Federation (ICF), within which they currently play, or have played, an active role.

Sylviane Cannio
MCC, Co-founder, Director of Programmes

The team

Feryal Hassaïne
PCC, Co-founder, Managing Director

Jennifer Whitcomb
MCC – Assessor

Pamela Richarde
MCC – School Supervisor

Julia Choukhno
PCC – Responsible Nova Terra

Mikhail Klarin
PCC – Consultant Nova Terra

Hugues Hancotte
PCC – Trainer

Nathalie Fabbro
PCC – Executive Coach
France, Poland

Brigitte Ballings
Trainer & Coach

Rym Hassaïne
Business Developer & Coach