The Design of the 40-Hour Certificate Programme

This Certificate Programme will also serve as a taster and introduction to coaching supervision if that is
your chosen path – brings together the two major strands of :

✓ Reflectively exploring, deepening and connecting who you are being – and who you can become – as you talk
and work with others.
✓ Learning new practices which can qualitatively enhance your capacities for holding and hosting these bigger


This programme is designed by Patterson Prentice Designs in partnership with Nova Terra

→ Pre work and preparation
→ Reading and course materials
→ 3 x 1 day workshop modules on Zoom. Two days together in Part 1 in March and then one day as Part 2 in April. All 3 Days will include practice and reflection on practice
→ 5 Webinars which will include a Welcome Webinar and a Closing Webinar and 3 Webinars between the Workshops
→ Self-organised Café Trios which are small peer practice groups between Modules 1 and 2
→ Self-organised 3 x 1 hour practice sessions with clients – 3 x 1 hour sessions with 3 clients – or if you are not a coach application to your work-based project.
→ A Handbook and a Workbook with models, tools and tips
→ Reflective Notes templates
→ Submission of a Final Learning Log

The Specific Learning Outcomes

  1. An introduction to the fundamental crafts and practices of Whole Hearted Courageous Creative Conversations in order to invite and host heart-centred professional conversations with grace, ease, intelligence, skill and wisdom. This is also an introduction to holistic coaching supervision for those who want to pursue their interest in this area
  2. Exploring the key concepts, qualities, models and approaches for conversational artistry for both 1:1 and group work. These are the principles of profound presence, deep listening, and generative conversational practices for insight, learning, clarity and wisdom to emerge –and will include how to work with strong system energies in work based conversations
“A conversation is so much more that words… a conversation with eyes, smiles, the sequences between the words.”
Annika Thor