Developing you & your conversational artistry

Because who we are is how we talk

A new EMCC Global EQA Accredited Certificate for Leaders, HR, Coaches and other People. Professionals who want to creatively cultivate their conversational practice

If you are a coach, a leader or HR professional with many years experience, but are keen to hold the bigger conversations now needed in the light of the challenges raised by Covid-19, this 40-hour Certificate programme is for you. This programme will take you on an inner journey, giving you the refined capacities, fresh perspectives and new insights needed to enable you to refine your artistry for hosting, participating and engaging in wholehearted courageously creative conversations which can honour the past, re-imagine in the present and birth new possibilities for the future.

This artistry is needed now more than ever – and is above all else a place of deep relationship -where we, as practitioners, can resource ourselves as we help to resource others to be our conversational selves.

Learning to host in this way goes far beyond the competencies that are important in doing a skilful job of either coaching or managing. This artistry also goes far beyond the everyday mechanics of ‘talks’ to do, because it invites us into the heart of relationship and to touch on who are and who we want become – in the deepest, biggest and wisest sense of ourselves – because who we are is how we talk. And as we learn to do this for ourselves, we can extend the invitation authentically to others in service of surfacing what now needs to emerge in our frayed systems.

“The great charm of conversation consists less in the display of one’s own wit and intelligence than in the power to draw forth the resources of others.”
Jean de la Bruyère