Practical informations

  The 6-month programme will be delivered in English and is designed as follows:

  • Pre work reading and preparation with a Welcome Webinar
  • 2 x one day modules will be held virtually 
    1x one day will be held face to face in Nova Terra’s offices 
    Each module will be supported by a Resource and Workbook.
  • 3 x one-hour sessions with 3 clients self-organised by you.
  • Practice Trios which are small peer practice groups self-organised.
  • Self-Assessments on practice to be completed at the beginning, in the middle and at the end of the programme.
  • Reflective writing or journaling to capture key insights or learning.
  • At the end of the programme a final Reflective Log and Personal Development Plan.

Your investment

For who ?


For all Coaches, Supervisors, Leaders, HR and Changemakers whether you work 1:1 or in groups.