Spirituality in Leadership & Coaching

Give a new dimension to your daily practice


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2 to 3 days per Module

9:30 am to 5.30 pm, 2 coffee breaks.

The Happy House

Nova Terra Location

The program Spirituality in Leadership & Coaching  addresses a request from both Nova Terra’s participants as from the coaching and leadership community. It encompasses three modules of 2-3 days to be pursued together or separately. It is accessible to coaches and all professionals who would like to confer a new dimension to their daily practice.

Quantum Coaching

The quantum logics of the relation to ourselves and of interpersonal dynamics.

Mindfulness & Flow

The fine tuning of our thoughts into what we’re sensing in the present moment.

Toltec Wisdom

The 4 Agreement principles practice to create love and happiness in your life.

Hugues Hancotte

PhD in Physics, Associated Certified Coach, Consultant & Specialist in Neurosciences.

The Quantum Coaching : Quantum Physics, Leadership & Coaching

Quantum physics can fascinate or frighten. It is used more and more to explain phenomena difficult to understand, as if it were the ultimate solution. But what links can be done with management or coaching? How does the wave-particle duality, the uncertainty principle or the experience of Schrödinger’s Cat can improve our communication , the understanding of our employees or coaches and moreover facilitate their development?

In two days, you will discover how quantum physics affect our lives, our relationships with others and our practice of coaching. You will be in touch with the main concepts of quantum physics on a simpel maner and will explore their implications on your professional practice .

Between theoretical concepts simply explained and practical coaching tools , this trip leaves no one indifferent and each draws inspiration and developments.

Mindfulness & Flow

From the Cover of Time magazine to workshops at Davos this year, Mindfulness is all the rage in these times of frenetic multi-tasking with the illusion of being efficient at all moments on our small portable screens. Mindfulness, is the invitation to take from the Tibetan Buddhist world of meditation the practices, inner states and tools to live centered, alert and focused. What does mindfulness bring to the coach? The primary benefit is to achieve the attentiveness and connectedness to the client that allows success. Mindfulness brings a lot of benefits such as to discover the ability to connect with and enhance your emotions so you can; manage your responses to stress and negativity, become a more effective coach, inspire more people more often and much more.

Laurence Aubourg

Civil Engineer & Student of Robert D. Waterman

Manage & Coach with the Toltec Wisdom

In 2005 Laurence discovered the practice and the power of forgiveness with Robert D. Waterman (USA) and is the co-author of “Manage with the Toltec Agreements”. The path to Toltec wisdom transmitted to the Western world by the author of the bestseller ‘The Four Agreements’ Miguel Ruiz, is an art of personal transformation anchored in awareness and the change of beliefs. This approach that has existed for centuries resonates in contemporary approaches such as NLP.

The Ho’oponopono, or way to liberate oneself originated in Hawaii, was widely spread through Joe Vitale’s book ‘Zero Limit’. The Ho’oponopono is based on a way to practice forgiveness that resonates quite well with contemporary approaches such as systemic. Namely, it neutralizes the effects of judgment, guilt, or limiting beliefs. The way to the Toltec wisdom and the Ho’oponopono complement each other. Their daily practice leads to a deep change, both interior and exterior, to more peace, joy, fluidity and to a wider inner space of resources.


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  • The optional gourmet lunch is of high quality at the David Lloyd sport center (18 € drinks included)


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