Today, the constant demand for better performance, the disturbed environment, stress, and the increasing demands of the workplace have made coaching a permanent presence in our society. We need to find ourselves again and flourish in an environment in constant change and for which nothing has prepared us. It is not that we are sick – we just need someone who can help us to manage the uncertainty and change which never ceases to accelerate.

Professional coaching is a partnership which allows clients to produce satisfactory results in their professional lives, in their companies or their organisations. Thanks to the coaching process, clients extend their knowledge, improve their performance and upgrade the value of their professional lives. – International Coach Federation

Coaching consists of a series of individual discussions between one person (the coachee) and a professional (the coach) which are designed to help the coachees to attain their objectives and to succeed in their personal or professional lives. – François Délivré

The coach is a discoverer of talents and potential. I feel as though I am a midwife, helping clients to give birth to their own ideas and to transform them into an action plan. Most of the time, clients are perfectly well aware where they want to go, but either they have not yet articulated something which is only an intuition, a feeling or a wish, or they have not yet received self-permission to implement their action plan and succeed.  – Sylviane Cannio


Coaching is a procedure designed to develop the potential of individuals and teams to achieve coherent goals and in-depth changes. The coach is the person who helps us rediscover our path, eliminate obstacles and realise the greater part of our abilities. – Viviane Launer