The ‘ART’ of Deepening the Conversation for Creative Change

A NEW EMCC Global Quality Award Training (EQA) – LEVEL 5 PROGRAMME

A 6-month accredited 50 hours Certificate
3 Full Day Workshops & Much more…

Upcoming programme delivered in English (get in touch for further information) 

For all Coaches, Supervisors, Leaders, HR and Changemakers whether you work 1:1 or with people in groups – Everyone benefits from the opportunities to creatively reflect on our work which helps to both refresh and resource ourselves in new and often surprising ways. This is true whether you are a seasoned practitioner with many years’ experiences or are new into the role, in new territory. We invite you – as athletes do – to ‘cross train’ with us!

This three-day modular programme blends original materials with fresh perspectives on best practices, which is pertinent, practical, and pragmatic to inspire artistry and skilfulness of our participants as professionals.

After completion of this course, you will learn to :

  • Expand your repertoire for creative approaches to deepen your conversations.
  • Develop your own reflection and have a toolkit of sustainable reflective practices to be fully present and available in the conversation – fully aware of your own triggers and vulnerabilities – in any moment whatever the pressures, subject, or context.
  • Fine tune your own sense and use of self as a conversational partner. This will expand your tolerance and resilience to hold a bigger space for others. This is so that you can work even more consistently, imaginatively, and wisely in the face of often difficult and contradictory raw emotions, overwhelm, and systemic complexity with vulnerability, courage, compassion, humanity, and equanimity.
  • Join a learning community of like-minded professional where you can share and practice together
  • Discover other rich learning outcomes which you can tailor to your own intentions, and which will be discovered as you participate in the programme.