Support Life Transitions

3 webinars – 12th of November, 19th of November and 3rd of December 2019 from 7 to 9 pm CET (Paris, Brussels, Amsterdam, Berlin time) and exercises between sessions for a total of 10 CCEUs/ICF

Would you like to deepen your knowledge of the Evolution Loops or to discover this powerful tool. In three webinars you will be able to:

  • Diagnose the different stages of live, the life transitions and the possible griefs, open or denied

  • Know how to react adequately according to the phase of the life transition, to have the appropriate words, find the right rhythm, dare challenging the client at the right moment

  • Better know yourself and your wonderful ability to rebounce

  • Determine the life scripts and the limiting beliefs that prevent project realization and be able to overcome them to reach that well deserved success

Webinar 1 – Taming Griefs


  • Discovery of the first six phases of the Evolution Loops and know how to detect them

  • The Bonding Cycle – am I able to attach myself ?

  • Types of griefs – the cycle of grief and the hidden gift

  • When the grief doesn’t occur: more than denial, nostalgia of the past or the refusal to see the change, the stratagems

  • How to support a person in grief – what can be done via coaching, or not – the threshold to psychotherapy

  • Introspection, sharing of experiences, group discussion, first conclusions

What you will learn

  • Grief can be experienced through different ways
  • Stronger than denial, the resistance to change is an illusion that destroys – learn to detect it
  • Show your compassion without falling into pathos
  • Know when coaching must give place to psychotherapy, psychiatry or medicine
  • Adapt the appropriate approach to support different types of griefs
  • Better know yourself

Webinar 2 – To build our life with the choices that make us grow


  • Discovery of the stages 7 to 12 of the Evolution Loops

  • Take your life in your hands and make conscious choices between a stand by (sound choice as it is a decision), an adaptation to your environment or a deep change of values

  • Know the life scripts that block the process

  • Overcome limiting beliefs

  • Know how to drive your life with serenity

  • Support our client in all possible options

What you will learn :

  • The differences between the options of change
  • Know to understand the client’s choice and, on the same time, challenge them of the adequate ways and on their deep intentions
  • The difficulty to implement a change of value and how to support the person in this case
  • Life scripts, drivers
  • Adequate approaches in coaching

Webinar 3 – Implement the Evolution Loops in your practice


  • Presentation of several cases, group discussion

  • How to use the Evolution Loops model in life and in professional coaching

  • Coaching dem using the Evolution Loops

  • Débriefing, questions and answers

  • Next stages in the implementation of the Evolution Loops

What you will learn :

  • To confirm the quality of your diagnostic of life transitions
  • To jungle with the different stages and opt for the adequate coaching approach/mode
  • To be in comfort with any life transition when you coach

About Sylviane Cannio

Sylviane Cannio, MCC, is International coach and accompanies persons, groups and organizations into the alignment process (values, mission, vision, and their implementation on site) with an experience in this domain of more than 20 years. She is also specialized in transition processes. She mentors and supervises coaches and is an assessor for the ICF. She was President of ICF Belgium in 2004-2006 and organizer of the European Coaching Conference in Brussels (2006) during which she had the privilege of linking the ICF with the EMCC wiling to contribute to the regulation of the profession in Europe. She was member of the Global Board of Directors of the ICF (2008-2010) and Vice-President of the ICF in 2010. She was a founder of the Regional Advisory Council for Europe, Middle-East and Africa and a member in 2014-2016. She is the co-founder of Nova Terra Coach Training & Corporate Development, a global coaching school based in Brussels. Her books are translated in several languages. “Coaching Excellence” written with Viviane Launer encompasses twelve coaching cases with their tools. It exists in English, French, Spanish and Russian. Her other book “Communiquer avec Authenticité et Rester Vrai” is available in French and in Russian.

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Withdrawal period

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