Phase 2 – Empower your Coaching Skills

14 days with assessment of the ICF core competencies at PCC level + 10 hours of Supervision

>> Supervised practice – Case studies and group coaching practice under the guidance of a Master Coach.

  • Module 1 : The challenges of the coach
    Analysis of the request – The systemic relationship – Transfer and counter-transference: discovering your own learning path – Building relationships: developing intimacy whilst maintaining the necessary distance – Hidden requests: official contracts and pacts with the coachee – The necessary retreat: being connected whilst maintaining a certain distance – The limitations of coaching within a business: coaching does not solve everything – Ethical principles – The mentality of coaches and managers in relation to coaching.
  • Module 2 : Beliefs & Values
    Identifying different value systems – Identify and transforming limiting beliefs – Thinking outside of the box by practicing effective reframing – Recognizing « drivers » and beliefs and using them as a lever for change – Supporting the implementation of new beliefs.
  • Module 3 : Body-mind-spirit alignment
    Learn to work with your body and the client’s body – being connected, in touch with the body to encourage self-reliance – linking mental and cellular intuition – increasing energy. Recognizing the meaning of coaching for the client, for the coach and for humanity – improving the presence of the coach and the coachee – accessing intuition and recognizing the individual voice and way.
  • Module 4 : Grieving and life transitions
    Life scenarios – The Hudson wheel – Evolution Loops (Cannio-Launer model) – Helping the coachee to develop their vision and their ability to project into the longer term – Examining deep levels of change within people and within companies – Understanding and supporting the process of grieving in private and within the company – Learning to overcome resistance and move into the unknown with confidence – Obtaining commitment to action.
  • Module 5 : Brand Yourself
    Determine the elements of «Personal Branding », Launch a business – building a clientele, Gaining confidence

> > Phase 2 certification (PCC/ICF level) – Written and oral examinations + end-of case study work.