Nova Terra Coach Training & Corporate Development

Phase 1 – Become a coach

10 training days over a 3-month period to integrate the 8 core coaching competencies at ACC level of the ICF (ACSTH program). Phase 1 of the training aims to get you to coach your first clients and adopt a coach posture in your professional and/or private life.

  • Next English group starts on 19 September 2022,
    MAC 38 Group.
  • Next French group starts on 20 January 2023,
    MAC 39 Group.

Phase 2 – Empower your coaching skills

14 training days with assessment of the ICF core competencies at PCC level (ACTP Program). Case studies and group coaching practice under the guidance of highly experienced coaches.

  • Next French group starts on 2 September 2022,
    MAC 37 Group.
  • English group will start in January 2023,
    MAC 38 Group.
  • French group will start on 25 May 2023,
    MAC 39 Group.

(*) Our trainings are taking place in presential at Nova Terra Coaching in Uccle (Brussels) from 9.30AM to 5.30PM.