Meet the Supervisors

Katryn Prentice

I feel enormously lucky that the work I do is the work I love.

This shows up in creating a compelling and positive environment for learning, growing and discovery.

My work is noted for being memorable and for making a difference. I am known for going the extra mile and adding real value having built a long track record with my clients over many years.

I engage with vitality with the widest audience at all levels with warmth, intuition and a motivational style. I encourage people to explore and discover increased resourcefulness in themselves, uncovering talents that may have been eclipsed over time and build their teams and businesses.

Elaine Patterson

I am an international executive coach, coach supervisor, thinking partner, organisational development consultant and writer. I live in London and the Lake District.

My work is inspired by a deep sense of our shared humanity, what it means to be human and what it means to work alongside other human beings.

My vision is to bring the humanizing and transformative powers of storytelling, reflection, reflective learning and reflective practices to leaders, people professionals and development practitioners everywhere for ethical, purposeful, creative and compassionate work to help make our world a better place.

My work is grounded in 30 years of senior leadership and corporate experience, in my rigorous relational, systemic and psychological training, in my mindfulness, in my original research and in my love of the arts, nature, poetry and Nordic walking.

My book “Reflect to Create!  ” The Dance of Reflection, Reflective Practice and Supervision for Creative Leadership and Professional Practice” shares how I have used reflection to free my own creativity, and how I have found that my processes have helped others to do the same for themselves.