“A person who wants everything to be perfect and demands the highest standards possible’’



«Discover & Tame your Perfectionnism »




Join and discover with us the roots and the mecanisms of Perfectionism to identify leverages of action that would,
progessively , in all consciou sness and depending on the context , put your measuring rod at the desired level.

WHO? Do you believe you are a perfectionnist ? What a boon and sometimes it is tiring, source of frustration and
dissatisfaction … So, this workshop is for you !

WHEN? Monday 14 March 2022 from 9.30 AM 5.00 PM face to face at Nova Terra (Brussels).

PRICE? 290 €

Interested in exploring possible alternative avenues and then choosing your own? Stop hesitating. Come and join us on this wonderful journey in search of perfection and the discovery of the « Good is good enough ».

Gisèle Vandeweerd

Gisèle Vandeweerd

Having sailed on perfectionism and with a passion for people, I have acquired a solid experience of more than 35 years in audit and finance within an international professional service firm. Since 2011, I am a certified PCC coach. I am currently active in the field of corporate training and individual coaching with the aim of accompanying individuals or teams to reach their goals and guiding them to deploy their potential. I am a professional with determination and strong integrity, a positive spirit and I am committed to the development of future’s leaders. 

Carine Ramaeckers


Carine Ramaeckers

Coming from an environment tailored to perfectionism, after 15 years of engineering and project management in the construction and renewable energy sectors, I moved to management and for 10 years I had the opportunity to lead exceptional teams. The integration of coaching in my role as a manager has allowed each team member to evolve towards their aspirations. In 2019 I have decided to put my experience and my values at the service of managers and their companies to support them in their personal development and the achievement of their objectives.