Nova Terra is the product of international collaboration between coaches from four continents: Europe, North America, Latin America and Asia/Middle East.

It works through two complementary approaches: the Coaching and Leadership School, and corporate interventions (individual and team coaching, and training in coaching and leadership).La carte de la présence mondiale de NovaTerra Coaching

Nova Terra’s solid foundation is built on the strength of its partners – world-class coaches, renowned both in their respective countries and within the International Coach Federation (ICF), within which they currently play, or have played, an active role. All of the partners have experience in other schools, and have decided to bring together their wealth of knowledge and skills for the success of this innovative and inspiring venture.

The venture is based on strong relationships between the partners, developed over many years, including through attendance at the ICF World Conferences since 2002, and through cooperation on previous projects. All partners have credible leadership experience, with hands-on management experience of both teams and businesses.

The longstanding relationships between the partners are sustainable, based on mutual respect, a shared vision and shared values. All share the experience of living in several countries, working across borders, speaking several languages, and having international family ties and friendships.