In celebration of International Women’s Day 2024 we had the opportunity to interview a woman who means so much to us at Nova Terra. Originally intended for LinkedIn, we laughed, smiled and basked in her energy so much that we felt it unfair to limit her wealth of experience to just one platform! She hosts our Executive Coaching - Masterclass program and when she’s not travelling the world through her work or personal pursuits, she can be found on the west coast of the USA…

So without further ado, please allow us to introduce you to:

Pamela Richarde, Master Certified Coach.

With a career spanning over 31 years in the coaching industry and as one of the pioneers of modern day coaching, her insights, experience and humour had us captivated from the first moment.

How many years have you been active in the coaching industry?

Thank you for these questions! I have been in business, actively training & coaching for 31 years. Prior to that, for 13 years I served as faculty in a collegiate level of education.

How would you describe your current role/s?

This one is a bit more challenging as I serve in many roles. Technically, I serve as owner/president of InnerVision Enterprises. I am an Executive  & Personal Coach, Mentor Coach and Coaching Supervisor, a Trainer/Facilitator and a Consultant in the field of leadership development, coaching and personal evolution.  As well, I am the Vice Chair of Coaching Education for the International Coaching Federation. There are many other roles I fill, but that is probably what is relevant here!

What would you say is your biggest achievement to date?

Another interesting question! I find that each day is a masterful achievement of learning and growth.  If I share projects that I am proud of, that would be my contributions and collaboration in the development of coaching across the planet the last 30 years. If I share more personally, the extended family of humans in this world that are a part of the joy of my existence.

What has been your biggest learning?

(laughs out loud)… daily NEW ones. As a passionate, life-long learner, I know that my biggest learning is to keep on learning!  And with each moment, I step more and more into ‘not-knowing’ and non-attachment.  So to put it succinctly: My biggest learning is that I know some things…and I know no-things!!!

What’s your favourite quote?

Well, this tends to adjust as I have many favorites. Today I would say:

Out of the soil of friendliness grows the beautiful bloom of compassion,

Watered by the tears of joy,

Sheltered beneath the cool shade of the tree of equanimity.

Longchenpa (14th Century)

What would you say to the younger you when starting out?

Slow down a bit, contemplate and then make your choices.  (This would have saved me from quite a few choices that were challenging). Having said that, there is learning in all things and there really is not anything I would do differently (except perhaps to move to Oregon earlier in my life…

What else would you like us to know about you?

For me, care, compassion and the quality of presence we bring are the secrets, quite often, to bringing about successful collaboration and compromise, as well as connecting more deeply with others. Frankly, I believe that universal love is powerful and that this is what will contribute to peace and wellness in the challenges of our world today. Guess that is why ‘peacecoach’ is my handle since my first AOL email address in 1992!  That’s it!

Pamela is the lead on our Masterclass - Executive Coaching. Based in Oregon, Washington State, USA, the course is conducted 100% online. Her day starts at 1am when teaching this course to adapt to the timings of her European counterparts! A trailblazer, a force of nature and self-professed ‘peacecoach’, you can find out more about this exclusive course to Nova Terra in Belgium from our homepage or drop us an email to to receive information and pricing.