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Do more with less and create a culture of coaching within your company.

Accelerate your team's performance and transform your business with our established leadership program.

Discover New Earths in Leadership

If you are looking for a tool that shifts a company’s culture from employees receiving direction to an environment where they are not only engaged—but aligned in win/win scenarios —then our ‘Coaching Clinic’ is your key to success.

In partnership with theAmerican coaching school, Coach U, a co-founder of the International Coaching Federation, the Coaching Clinic is a four-day course where managers and leaders learn the coach approach in how they lead and influence— aiming to accelerate performance and exceed business outcomes. If this resonates with you, then Nova Terra is your partner.

Why does your organisation need it?

Revisiting your performance management strategy should be an ongoing mission. The traditional management approach is outdated and has become limited in what we now know to be an ever-changing workplace.

It's time to introduce the new way forward — the 'Coach Approach' to your workplace by:

  • Understanding the concept of coaching
  • Developing the essential coaching skills: support active listening, trigger powerful questioning, feedback & reflections.
  • Building and enhancing team and group work performance.
  • Improving management and leadership effectiveness.
  • Applying coaching skills to be comfortable in difficult conversations and agile to changes.

We can organise this program together for your company. If you'd like to learn more, please contact us directly

LEAD the way

Here’s Everything You Need To Know About Our Program

Number of Participants

Groups are limited to twelve participants to ensure the quality of experience.

Available Languages

This program is available in English.

Upcoming Dates

Our next program will take place on the following dates at our HQ: February 12/13 & 21/22.

Everything you need to know about The Coaching Clinic

What's the difference between team coaching and individual coaching?
Are there limits to the size of teams coached?
Can I be coached individually and also within a team?

Adventure Awaits: Where To?

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