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What IsThe Personal Communication Style Inventory Tool (PSCI)?

With recent changes in the workplace (hybrid, remote working, etc.), communicating effectively remains crucial for success. That being said, it also remains the biggest challenge. The PCSI helps people identify their communication style regardless of their organisation's size.

Coaches have established this tool to understand and master the range of interaction styles. Your company can leverage the PCSI to develop better connections and collaborations within their teams - big or small. It's time to go beyond the communication tools created (Slack, emails etc.) and focus on the human being you're communicating with.

Be Heard the Right Way: Benefits of Identifying Your Communication Style

  1. Easily build rapport
  2. Deliver feedback more constructively
  3. Understand people better
  4. Make significant advances in personal and professional connection
Recognising the existence of various communication styles is the first step to becoming a better communicator, which is what brings you here to this very page.

Whether you're a coach or leader-as-coach, the PCSI can influence how well conversations will go. It will also enable you to:
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Very early in her career, she chose to get involved in harnessing the human being’s potential as a key resource within compagnies. She trains and coaches leaders in their quest to improve their communication and respond to the challenges brought on by demanding and competitive work environments. Additionally, she fosters a dynamic and agile mindset in dealing with several projects simultaneously.

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