Cooperative Masterclass - 29 March 2019

See the possible where others will see the impossible: Dare!

(this masterclass will be given in FRENCH)
“The one who lives serenely inside lives more easily with the outside”
Words from the cha’an wisdom

You’re going to embark on a timeless journey in order to explore all four inner and exterior continents which consist of daring engagements and self-surpassing, through a sensorial, narrative and tactile mode which is also incarnated through the ultra-marathon of the extremes.
The aim is to become aware that in strength, we are all able to ignore the obstacles of our daily lives with the ethical mindset of tenacity. Additionally, we are also able to demonstrate the urgency to, in our troubled times, cultivate a lucid optimism and to then develop the useful posture of the watcher-weaver of dreams.

« What is the audacity, the audacity, the courage of saying and taking action? Why would you get involved when everything is going wrong? How to regenerate the excitement to take action between yesterday, today and tomorrow? »

The aim of this masterclass is to set out with envy and with a happy and daring strength to persevere. Everything is possible!


One of the races he will have the honor of carrying out as a runner during the beginning of October, in the South of Tunisia.

Malek A. BOUKERCHI is an expert in interpersonal intelligence and situational integration. With a background in anthropology and philosophy, specialist of tales, he takes part as a consultant to guide and develop interpersonal strategies in companies across all sectors.
“Watcher-weaver of dreams”, writer/poet, Malek is also an extreme ultramarathon runner. This is a practice takes him in the deepest realms of the world to explore its frontiers and push one’s own limits.


Individual: 345€ TTC
Self-employed: 417€ TTC

Alumni Individual: 276€ TTC
Alumni Self-employed: 334€ TTC


We develop professional certified coaches

Nova Terra Brussels Coaching School

Why the International Coach Federation?

The importance of following an Accredited Coach Training Program.

How Should you Choose your Coaching School

There are important elements and criteria to consider when selecting a good school.

Nova Terra Coaching School Brussels

2 April 2019

6:00 pm in Chaussée de Waterloo 1589D, 1180 Brussels (Tolefi Building, between Roche-Bobois and Plaisir du Jardin/Wellington Hockey Club)

Welcome to

Nova Terra

Today, the constant demand for better performance, the disturbed environment, stress, and the increasing demands of the workplace have made coaching a permanent presence in our society. We need to find ourselves again and flourish in an environment in constant change and for which nothing has prepared us. It is not that we lack competences – we just need someone who can help us to manage the uncertainty and change which never ceases to accelerate. This is Nova Terra Brussels Coaching School ‘s reason for existence.

Nova Terra Brussels Coaching School

Brussels Coaching School

Nova Terra coaching school is ACTP accredited, this means that it is mandated by the ICF to pass the exams on its operating sites.

Interventions for Organizations

Interventions are customised to the organisation’s culture and needs to support employees in the future changes.

World Class Coaches

The quality of service is guaranteed by ICF certifications of coaches and by the supervision of international Master Coaches.

International Networking Community

Our network is spread amongst 4 continents through the international support of our members and partners.

Nova Terra’s purpose is to enable all individuals to reach new grounds, internally and externally by bringing another dimension to human development through global leadership and coaching, based on humanism and diversity.

Nova Terra’s ACTP Programs
Coaching School Brussels

Mastery & Art of Coaching

Master the 11 competencies of the ICF to become a professional coach and coach your first « real clients » in the framework of your Nova Terra certifying coach training – 24 days in two phases, over 9 months, by modules of 2 to 3 days

Master Class Program

This highly experiential ACTP program is designed to heighten your mastery when coaching executives, individuals and teams. You will identify your own coaching essence and use of self that will bring authenticity and value to your work.

Health Pole

A pragmatic and interactive program: manage your patient, increase your motivation for more effective treatments, improve relationships, and manage the stress and quality of your life.

“We certify you through our ACTP programs by meeting all the ICF Requirements!”

An ACTP program, “Accredited Coach Training Program” only certifies at PCC level of the International Coach Federation. This means that you need to pursue a minimum of 125 hours of coach specific training and 10 hours of supervision/mentor coaching.

We bring you straight to PCC, the level considered as Professional coaching by the ICF. With Nova Terra’s Mastery & Art of Coaching certificate in hand you are automatically ACC level when you collect 100 hours of coach practice.

When joining the Bridge to Phase 2 of Mastery & Art of Coaching, it is expected that the ACC participant has already pursued a coaching program of minimum 60 hours.

Nova Terra Brussels Coaching School


The results of the satisfaction Qfor held in April-May 2016 by an independent organisation have been displayed: our client’s satisfaction rating for the two last years reached 100% for the overall rating and 94% for specific categories. The key strong points, recognised by the clients, were the quality of education and the sharing experience of trainers, the openness and generosity of the school, cultural diversity, bilingual classes, personal follow-up of the future coach’s first “genuine” clients and the effectivity of the personal development. The points of improvement have been duly noted and already corrected. We would like to express our gratitude to all the clients and participants who have trusted us for years. This audit inspires us to pursue the mission of transmitting our profession with passion and communicative enthusiasm.

  • Courses Categories 94% 94%
  • Coaching School 100% 100%

“The programme makes it possible to pause and consider yourself and your practice. It creates the space necessary for necessary reflection. The richness of this programme is without measure. Thank you.”

Jacqueline Cattoor


“Nova Terra Brussels Coaching School is the balance between ‘deep’ and ‘light’ leads to a profound and lasting transformation. What a chance to have worked alongside instructors of this calibre, and who have achieved such excellence.”

Gisèle Vandeweerd


“Training gives us the theoretical foundations necessary and we can immediately put them into practice. Some top flight instructors giving a personalized and thorough apprenticeship. Interactive sessions, rich and intense.”

Lorraine Mertens

Tractebel Engineering, GDF Suez

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