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Support teams to work in harmony, improving their internal dynamics

Learn how to cultivate fearless workplaces where individual voices, needs, wishes and ideas are heard for the collective gain.

Discover, Empower, Excel: The Journey of Team Coaching

Would you agree with the statement, "Be curious, not judgmental?"

Regardless of the sport and each member's physical capacities, honing individual skills and group talent is vital for a team’s utmost performance.

Team Coaching builds on the same principles to reduce conflicts and empower individuals to act collectively. It's a journey of individual and collective discovery.

Harnessing Team Synergy: The Power of Team Coaching

In the fast-paced corporate world, teams can fall short of working at their best because:

  • Goals and/or targets are not aligned with the company vision/strategy.
  • Ineffective communication and facilitation
  • Lack of coordination between stakeholders
  • Unclear decision making processes
  • Insufficient trust, anxiety, stress and/or burnout

These barriers to success dramatically impact business performance. No matter at which level in the business a team sits, team coaching becomes vital to the success and health of the workforce and organisation.

In becoming a team coach, you can increase the awareness of team members to their current patterns and challenge members to leverage their resources, tap into their strengths and enhance the team dynamic. In essence, you support them to lay down the foundation for a fearless workplace.

LEAD the way
Meet Your Trainer

Considered as a secured-based leadership coach by G. Kohlrieser from IMD and an impactful trainer by her clients, Feryal is known to be both respectful and demanding. Combining professional expertise in multicultural leadership, in petrochemical and various sectors, she has the ability to help leaders and teams to deploy their resources to achieve successful results on the ground while aligning with the company's vision and keeping their life balance. 

In 2011, she opens the school Nova Terra Coach Training & Corporate Development (today's Nova Terra Coaching & Consulting), which conveys the same values that have always animated her life. 

Here’s Everything You Need To Know About Our Workshop

Number of Participants

Groups are limited to twelve participants to ensure the quality of experience.

Available Languages

This workshop can delivered in English & French.

Everything you need to know about Team Coaching

What's the difference between team coaching and individual coaching?
For whom is the team coach training designed?
Are there limits to the size of teams coached?

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