Our Journey, Your Chapter

At Nova Terra, you're not just a trainee but part of a global community united by a shared passion since 2011.

We see each individual as a vital chapter in our story, committed to transforming lives, redefining possibilities, and making a tangible difference.

Embark on a voyage with us, anchored in an ethos of excellence and harmony, towards a promisingly luminous future.

Nova Terra: Unleashing Your Potential

At Nova Terra, we are more than a coaching and leadership school; we are visionaries in empowering growth and innovation. With the wisdom of International Coach Federation (ICF) accredited trainers, we sculpt leaders and revolutionise teams, delivering world-class training tailored to each individual's unique capabilities and goals.

But our reach goes beyond training spaces. We extend our hands to the corporate world and esteemed organisations, such as the World Health Organisation. By intricately weaving our coaching practices into their internal frameworks, we contribute to reshaping industries and fostering transformative growth.

Quality isn't just a commitment for us; it's an ever-growing pursuit. We transcend traditional coaching methods by using expert training, proprietary tools, and consistent, ongoing support.

Join us in a journey that has already resonated with over 500 certified coaches across more than 25 countries. Discover the Nova Terra approach and become part of our growing community of like-minded individuals.

Coaching is neither a resource nor a luxury from which only high-level individuals should benefit.

Meet the team

Feryal Hassaïne

MCC & Supervisor Founder & Director of Education

Rym Hassaïne

Managing Director, Coach ACC & Trainer

Alice Nguyen

Project Coordinator

Gareth Couch

Director of Business Development, Coach ACC & Trainer

Our Values

Earnest Collaboration

We partner with you and your organisation to make your dreams, reality.


We invite you to express who you are openly and authentically.

Supportive Leadership

No one works harder with you today, to sustain a better tomorrow.

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