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Find your freedom of expression and reduce your inner conflict.

Discover your own unique ability to overcome any obstacle thrown your way. Begin to communicate effectively and learn to respect others whilst also being respected.

“Assertiveness has somehow gained a bad reputation - it’s not about aggression, and it’s certainly not about being passive. It's about your right to freedom of expression to promote equality in interpersonal relationships. It promotes honesty, creates comfort, reduces anxiety and promotes a sense of joy in all that we see and do. And it's why I love what I do - and who I am!” - Gareth Couch

Beyond Technique, Towards Identity: Discover the Authentic Path to Assertiveness

This workshop is crafted to equip participants with a solid grounding in assertive behaviour. Many people in the industry believe that assertiveness can be 'taught', viewing it as something we 'do'.

But after years of research and personal experience living assertively, our trainer Gareth Couch firmly believes that assertiveness is not an act we 'do', but rather something we can become through deep exploration and challenge to our true selves.

During this two-day workshop, he will guide you in finding your unique identity and help you understand what it means to be genuinely you whilst developing your unique expression approach, which encourages you to be open whilst being seen and heard.

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Meet Your Trainer

Gareth Couch is an Executive Coach and Trainer. Accredited to the ACC Level with the ICF, he brings with him 20+ years of leadership experience from working in the luxury retail & hospitality sector in both London and Brussels.

A marathon runner, dog-lover and avid home-baker, he has a unique presence that transcends through his training and invites you to new depths of discovery.

LEAD the way

Here’s Everything You Need To Know About Our Workshop

Number of Participants

Groups are limited to twelve participants to ensure the quality of experience.

Available Languages

This workshop can delivered in English.

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